Help bring the spirit of kansha to Manzanar through the 2018 Kansha Project Crane Campaign!

Throughout the month of April, the Kansha Alumni Leadership Board will be folding one thousand origami cranes (senbazaru) that will be delivered to Manzanar cemetery as an offering of peace, gratitude, and remembrance by the 2018 Kansha Project cohort. 100 cranes will be folded by this year’s Kansha Project participants during their orientation session. The other 900 cranes are up to us!

Please take this opportunity to contribute to the 2018 Kansha Project experience in a tangible way by donating to “sponsor” a crane that will be part of a moment of reverence and reflection for a new cohort of Kansha Project participants. We suggest sponsoring at $5 per crane, but your donation at any amount is sincerely appreciated!

The continued success of the Kansha Project is a reflection of the immense support we have received from community members like you. The Crane Campaign embodies this legacy of community support by connecting Kansha Project alumni, supporters, and the current cohort through a collective senbazaru offering at Manzanar.

Thank you for your continued support of this important program and of our community!


Donate to the Crane Campaign here

Join us on April 22nd to help fold cranes!