JACL Programs

Our Story

Our Story is a resource of knowledgeable speakers who tell the story about the Japanese American incarceration during World War II. The speakers provide insight into the causes of the incarceration and its impact on individuals, the community, and the Constitution. The speakers share stories about the way the incarceration affected the lives of individuals and families.

The Kansha Project

The Kansha Project is a JACL Chicago program that connects self-identified Japanese Americans, ages 18-25, to the continuing legacy of the Japanese American community’s incarceration during World War II. The program centers around an educational trip to Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo neighborhood and the Manzanar concentration camp site.

Kansha, Too!

Kansha, Too! is an adapted version of the Kansha Project for participants over 25. Kansha, Too! explores the history of the Japanese American WWII incarceration and its continued legacy in the Japanese American community.

Next Generation Nikkei

Next Generation Nikkei is a group organized by young adults for young adults. Next Gen Nikkei has regular social events and hangouts.

Education and Civil Rights

The Chapter continually seeks to inform the public about the Japanese American experience. It carries this out in teacher training workshops and through the dissemination of educational resources. In keeping with its long-standing goals, the Chapter also continues in its endeavor to support and defend human and civil rights. It accomplishes this by organizing community activity, by monitoring against defamation and the use of racial slurs, and by coordinating with National JACL and other groups.

Scholarship Program

Scholarships range from $1,500 to $5,000+ and are open to full-time undergraduate and graduate students who have demonstrated a commitment to JACL’s mission of advancing social justice and promoting the legacy and cultural heritage of the Japanese American community.