There are a couple volunteer opportunities for young adults in the community who are looking to get more involved with JACL Chicago:

Next Generation Nikkei (NGN) is a program of JACL Chicago to engage young adults to become a part of the greater Chicago Japanese American community. The NGN board, comprised of about 10  elected board members, develops events that support the JACL mission.

Next Generation Nikkei is comprised of self identifying “young adult” Japanese American community members with a moderate commitment level that can participate in monthly meetings and organize and participate in social, educational and community events.

See NGN Info Sheet here

The Kansha Alumni Leadership Board is an initiative of the JACL Chicago program, Kansha Project, that provides an opportunity for meaningful and sustained engagement for Kansha Project participants after they have completed the program. The board will be comprised of former Kansha Project participants. ALB members will receive skills and content training and participate in a strategic planning process for the Kansha Project in order to shape and implement their vision of the program’s future. The Kansha ALB will be comprised of alumni with a high commitment level who can attend monthly planning meetings at the JACL Chicago office.

See Kansha ALB Info Sheet here

Application Deadline for both Next Gen Nikkei Board and Kansha ALB is:
Tuesday, August 20, 11:59PM